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We have answered some of the most common frequently asked questions that we have received from our users. Just click on the question to reveal the answer. If your question can’t be answered here, please feel free to contact us at the office and we will answer your question or enquiry.

01. Is Anypet4u free to join

Yes, membership is free for everyone, just register or sign in via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and you can set up your profile on your account page.

02. How many free ads can I list?

Basic membership allows you to list 6 free ads per year. However you can upgrade your account for a small fee and list more. You can also contact us and request more private listings if you have a genuine reason for needing more free ad space.

03. Why limit the amount of free ads I can list?

Experience has taught us that the average person will list a maximum of 6 ads per year, selling items that are no longer needed or have been out grown etc. It also allows us to moderate the content properly and stop traders and Companies abusing the free ads like they do on general free ads sites by listing hundreds of single products and dominating the ads.

04. Are small businesses entitled to free ads?

Yes of course, the first 6 free ads are for everyone. After the first 6 are used there are business packages available for various types of advertising on Anypet4u.

05. How long do ads appear for on Anypet4u?

Ads on the site are visible for 30 days, after that you can of course relist, edit and make any changes you want to.

06. Can I upload a video as well as images for my ads?

Yes you can. We have allowed for this and you can upload a video direct from your account when you are listing your advert.

07. Can I open multiple accounts?

No. One account for any customer or business. Any user found to have more than 1 account will be banned from the site.

We will be updating this page regularly as and when new questions arise regarding use of the site or users enquiries. If you think of a question that should be here to help our users please feel free to let us know.